How to Sell on Amazon FBA For Beginners 2021 full guide

 Why is Amazon FBA a great opportunity for you to make money ? There are two ways to make money from Amazon. They are Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM.What is FBA ? Amazon FBA is fulfillment by Amazon. Basically this way Amazon is handling everything for you , you just source the products, customers will buy products on, Amazon will pack it and ship the order for you. This is the only way can have prime price on your listing. What is FBM ?Amazon FBM is fulfillment by merchant. You need to take care of sales and you have to pack it and ship the order by yourself. It is cheaper than Amazon FBA, but if you source the right products, even you pay high fee to Amazon FBA it is still profitable. So better to do Amazon FBA for new sellers with Private Label.What is Private Label ?Private label is related with your own brand. You can source products from China, send them your own logo and packages. Ask them to affix your private label on products and packages which is good for brand recognition. If someone else wants to sell on Amazon, you can sell to these people also. Amazon is the biggest search engine for buying things in the world. Not like google, people search on google normally they want to get information or find articles stuff like that. But on Amazon, when people search things up, they are really looking to buy things. That is why it is such a great platform to sell on, because everyone looking here is looking to buy. There have tons of sellers sell the same product on Amazon, they all get products from Chinese factories and put their logo on there and sell on Amazon, how to be successful on Amazon ? The goal to sell on Amazon is get on its front page which will make you tons of tons of sales. In order to do that we need to have a ton of reviews, quality listing and quality product. The most important part is product research. If you find niche products and get it on the first pay, you are likely to sell very well. If you find product is not gonna sell well, then you probably lose money. So you’d better to find product with good price, and bring you profit and actually people demand it. How you start your E-commerce business ?1. Product research Tools for product research : Jungle scout It will show you all data of your competitors. And you can find the right product to sell. 2. Product/supplier sourcingVisit to do product sourcing. There have factories and trading companies. If you want your product with good price, then better to work with factories. The difference between factory and trading company is factory focus on products and trading company has better service and English. If one company on alibaba provides many kinds of products they are trading company 100%. 3. Contact factories to send samples with your logo. Better to find several factories to compare quality and price. 4. Contact logistic company to ship your products to Amazon warehouse. 5. High quality listing title and description. 6. Contact buyers to write review. High quality reviews are very important.7. Detailed photos to show how to use it.If you want to focus on marketing and your listing, Grand World Industry Limited can help you solve all sourcing and products’ packing and shipping problems. Check what services we offer for Amazon FBA sellers.