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  • Want to import products from China ?

    Have you been cheated by bad suppliers ?

    Hard to communicate with Chinese suppliers about your product ideas ?

    As the best China one-stop service company, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and arrange shipments to your door.

  • Import from China and Export to China 

    China Business Consultation

    1. Wholesaler

    2. Retailer

    3. E-commerce seller

    Selling to China

    1. Help you to participate in exhibitions in mainland China and Hong Kong.

    2. Help you to promote products in the Chinese market---online and offline.


    China Assistance Service

    1. Translator and assistant service for China trade fairs.

    2. Translator and travel management service for China travel trip.

  • Our Services

    How we help to grow your business ?

  • 1. Sourcing

    . Product sourcing

    . Supplier sourcing

    . Manufacturing consulting

    . We are your procurement department in China.

    2. Factory Audits

    . If you have favorite supplier, we can do factory audit for you to verify the strength and certificates of the supplier. And make sure your supplier is a real factory or trading company.

    . We can video call to show you around factory or send you photos and videos of the factory.

    3. Price Negotiation

    . We negotiate with suppliers for 0-30% deposit before production.

    . We negotiate with suppliers to pay rest payment after we do QC of the shipment.

    4. Sample Arrangement

    . Prevention is always better than remedy after mistakes happened.

    . We will require factory to get the right sample and passed our QC before mass production.

    5. Follow Up Production

    . We follow up pre-production, during-production, after-production.

    6. Product Quality Inspection

    . We will do product quality inspection before the rest payment and shipping to ensure the shipment you received is good.

    7. Arrange Low Cost Shipping to Door

    . With 8 years experience of arranging shipping, we can offer you the best price, fastest and the most safe shipping service.

    . We track the shipment and send updated information to you everyday.


    8. Graphic Design for Packagings, Labels

    . We customize your package and labels design for you.

    . If you have package and labels design, but you want to keep it privately, we can print and pack for you in our warehouse and ship to you. Or even print or engrave logo on your products.

    9. Warehouse Service

    . We own a 3000 square meters warehouse.

    . If you have many suppliers, we can collect all products from them and ship together in one shipment.

    10. Chinese Trade Fair Translator and Assistant

    . We can arrange a professional worker to help when you visit Chinese trade fair as a traslator and assistant.

    . We will send you report and classify samples from suppliers after visit each day.

    11. Participate an Exhibition in China

    . If you want to promote your brand or products into Chinese huge market and look for distributors in China, we can help to participate an exhibition in mainland China or Hong Kong, China.

    12. Business or Travel Trip Translator and Assistant

    . We can arrange professinal worker to help visit factories if you come to China. Easier for you to go anywhere without language and cultural obstacles.

    . We can arrange travel trip schedual, translator and assistant services to show you around if you want to chill out.

    13. E-commerce Product Photography Service

    . We served 800+ E-commerce clients with this service. They are all satisfied.

    . If you want this service, please contact us to send you sample photos.

    14. Fullfill E-commerce Requirements

    . We can serve all your ecommerce requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon, dropshipping from China for shopify sellers.

    15. OEM with Small Quantity

    . If you want to start your business with small quantity , but you want to build your own brand, we can help you.

    . We help you to grow your business.

    16. Contract with Suppliers

    . We can help to contract with Chinese manufacturers under Chinese laws so that we can have better solutions if problems happen.

    . Customs data will disclose your supplier information to your competitors, we can help to hide.

  • Why Grand World Industry Limited ?

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    Grand World Industry Limited founded in 2012, which aims to assist our clients to increase their opportunities, value and wealth from doing business from China.

    We have heard and witnessed many cases that people lost their money with buying products from China. That is why we built this company for. We wanted to be a role to provide you advice and guidance necessary to ensure that it maximizes your benefits and minimizes the risks when trading in China.

    We want to help you find the best manufacturers, ensure the quality of products and arrange low cost shipment to your door, making the whole sourcing process a lot easier and safer.

    Factory Audits at Any Time----Our on the ground team in China means we can verify "who is who" and we can tell  they are factories or trading companies, they can not hide from us, which enable your business to make intelligent sourcing decisions.

    Source Factories You Can’t Find----70% of products we sourcing are not listed on Alibaba.com or other English speaking websites. As one example, many factories will only attend trade shows in China for their industry. Often, these are some of the best manufacturers in their field. Trading companies in China buy from them, because they do not speak English. Their price actually is the best and working is professional.

    8 Years of Experience----Whilst Grand World has been established since 2012, our china sourcing agents have a combined experience of 8 years! We have sourced for 3000+ clients from different fields, we are professional for what you need, and we have better connection and price for factories in China.

    Save Time & Avoid Mistakes----Sourcing in the right region for different products, understanding different specifications and materials, knowing how & when to get the best price from a potential manufacturer are just a few of the considerations we make at Grand World to save our customers time and avoid any unnecessary mistakes along the way.

    Shorter Lead Time----We all know that Chinese factories always finish orders who pushes them everyday. If you go to their factory to push them, they think your order is urgent, but if you donot push them everyday they think your order can delay a little. 

    ✔ Better After-sale Service----We deal with factories for you, it is Chinese company to Chinese company under Chinese laws, they can not run from responsibilities if some problems happen with the order.

    Amazon FBA Seller----We have established a professional sourcing team for Amazon seller which will make whole process much simpler for you. We offer complete sourcing service for Amazon FBA seller. 

  • Company Culture

    Our Vision

    1. Make trading easier and easier. No experience needed, we will guide you step by step.

    2. Make conmmunication easier and easier without language barriers and cultural differences.

    3. Make the distance get closer and closer. No need for you to come visit factories etc. We help you to finish all the work.

    4. Let people know China and make China open to the world. We are not only offer suppliers in international cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, we offer whole China factories especially which they donot do foreign trade but provide professional work and competetive price.


    Our Value

    1. We serve our clients with sincere heart, responsible attitude, delicated working and professional knowledge and services.

    2. Do a business and make a friend.

    Your Opinions Make Us Progress !

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    CEO of Grand World Industry Limited

    She can speak Mandarin, English and Japanese.

    If you think your consultant representative is not good enough,

    or you have better ideas or services we should add, please contact our CEO, we will improve !

    Email: Serena@grandworldsource.com

    Cell: +86-13316442599